What does the future taste like? We at Apollinaris wanted to know and looked into what consequences social, economic, technological and cultural changes would have on gastronomy. A reprensentative poll carried out by forsa and a workshop with opinion leaders from the catering scene helped us. The Future Institute in Kelheim near Frankfurt evaluated our findings. The results can be found in our exclusive Apollinaris trend dossier, which outlines 7 future gastronomical trends to help you find out today what your customers will expect tomorrow. Our most important result: gastronomy is resistant to crisis. People will always want to indulge, particuarly in difficult times. This finding should be an encouragment to catering businesses and we would therefore like to invite you to a tête-à-tête with your “guest 2.0“.

You are going to meet a guest, who is looking for innovation and wants to rediscover tradition. A guest for whom the packaging is just as important as the content and who, experts say, is responsible. He likes to indulge without a bad conscience and is more flexible and mobile than ever before. Often being part of a community, he gives you the opportunity to react to his individual preferences. You will meet a guest for whom wellbeing and become more and more important as a sensual experience. A guest, who is constantly redefining himself. Your guest 2.0 is looking for a host with a passion for innovation. He wants compentent service and despite – or because of – his flexible and fast-changing lifestyle, he is looking for one thing: reliability.

For more detailed information or inspiration, please consult our trend dossier. We would be delighted, if it could help you to make your business even more successful.

Please note: By now the PDF download is available in German only.

Apollinaris Trenddossier


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