From summer 2011, Apollinaris and ViO will form the perfect couple for the restaurant industry.

Both brands are perfectly matched in terms of taste: the smooth and lightly mineralised still mineral water ViO from the Lüner Quelle spring, which is located in Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, is perfect with coffee and light snacks thanks to its rounded taste. The sparkling Apollinaris from the Ahr Valley in the middle of Germany's volcanic region has rich mineralisation that helps develop its complex aroma and fine nuances. As such, it is particularly suited to wine and intensively flavoured dishes.

With its launch in the restaurant industry, ViO has been given its own brand logo. As a perfect counterpart to the red Apollinaris triangle, ViO has a rounded triangle set on its point. The blue brand logo represents the smoothness of the water and is easily recognised by the design of the brand name. For the first time, the water is being offered in a high-quality glass bottle exclusive to the restaurant industry. The shape of the bottle is similar to the well-known Apollinaris glass bottle.

With Apollinaris and ViO, Coca-Cola Deutschland offers a perfect water portfolio from various sources within one brand.


The Perfect Couple