Apollinaris has a new face, new packaging and new flavours, but the pleasure of drinking a first-class beverage remains.

In 2002 we introduced BLUE System, an innovative marketing and packaging system that makes transport more efficient and thereby helps to protect the environment. Consumers appreciate the easier to carry packaging as well.

In 2004, Appolinaris could again show its talent for innovation by being the first brand in Germany to put still mineral water, our Apollinaris Silence, into a handy tetra pak. We called it the Queens Pack.

In 2006, Apollinaris put the the low in calories but vitamin-rich Active+ on the market.

In 2006, Apollinaris, one of the most popular and well-known brands with an excellent reputation all over the world, joined another renowned company with a long tradition: the Coca-Cola Company. This, however, doesn’t change anything about the fact that the production of our water is still taking place in Bad Neuenahr. At the foot of the very vineyard, where the winegrower Georg Kreuzberg discovered a mineral spring and named it after St. Apollinaris, the patron saint of wine.

With the popular Queen campaign it launched in 2006, Apollinaris sets another royal standard in advertising by taking up on the long tradition of the Queen of Table Waters.

In 2007 Apollinaris adds a new still water to its product range: ViO.

ViO is obtained from the officially certified Lüner Quelle spring in Lüneburg, Lower Saxony (near Hamburg) and is bottled there under the supervision of Apollinaris experts. The new product is a perfect complement to Apollinaris’ range of mineral waters.

ViO was launched in May 2007, targeting the on-the-go segment with the smaller 0.5 litre bottle. Since summer 2008, the premium water has also been available in food retail markets. To this end, the 1.5 litre nonreturnable bottle and the 0.75 litre bottle with a sports cap were added to the portofolio.

The launch was accompanied by a national TV campaign about a discering little goldfish that proves a real water expert.

ViO has an especially low mineral content (259 mg/l) and therefore is an ideal source of fluid intake. It contains no calories and is absolutely pure. Its smooth taste appeals to every palat.


Design Line

Find out how Apollinaris accentuates its excellent flavour with a design line.