Heppinger Extra

Natural curative water from the Heppinger spring.

Enriched with natural carbonation from its own spring, iron-reduced drinking water

Areas of use: to prevent and compensate magnesium deficiency
• in the case of an increased need of magnesium, for example during adolescence, high physical activity or while breastfeeding
• To support the digestive functions
• As supportive treatment in the case of a chronic urinary tract infection, except in the case of an infection with E.coli
• To prevent uric acid, cystine or calcium oxalate urinary calculus

Contraindications: reduced tolerance of liquids in the case of servere heart or kidney diseases
• severe acute disease of the gastro-intestinal tract
• urinary tract infection with E.coli and a tendency towards infections
• an alkalotic metabolic state

Side effects: No known side effects.

Dosage: In the case of a chronic urinary tract infection, drink 1.5 – 3.0 litres throughout the day until shortly before bed time in addition to regular fluid intake. To prevent urinary calculus, the dosage is to be set by the doctor. In all other cases: 1.5 l throughout the day. Suitable for a water cure as well as for continuous use.

Analysis in mg/l (total mineralisation 4514mg/l)

Cations: lithium ion: 0.84 mg, sodium ion: 481 mg, pottassium ion: 27.1 mg, ammonium ion: 0.53 mg, magnesium ion: 199 mg, calcium ion: 150 mg, manganese(II) ion: 0.007 mg, iron (II/III) ion: 0.009 mg

Anions: flouride ion: 0.52 mg, chloride ion: 118 mg, sulfate ion: 0.06 mg, hydrogencarbonate ion: 2495 mg

Undissociated substances: metasilicic acid: 41.7 mg, metaboric acid: 5.72 mg

gaseous components: carbon dioxide (CO2): 2760 mg

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Available products: 0.75 litre reusable glass bottle